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Top Female Poker Players Of The Year

Every year, more and more women are joining the world of poker – a once male dominated niche. Quite a handful of them are doing quite well and leaving behind many top seeded male counterparts in the dust. Many of these poker divas have won prestigious tournaments that have made them household names. Let us look at the top female poker players of the year, particularly the much celebrated Vanessa Selbst.

Vanessa Selbst

It is safe to say that Vanessa Selbst is the most successful female poker player currently. She has been playing poker for over 10 years now and started out in online and live NLHE and PLO cash games. She then joined the live tournament scene seven years ago.

Vanessa Selbst is the only woman who has ever won three bracelets in an open WSOP event. Her best year was 2010 where she won many awards and earned close to $3M, which placed her 6th on the 2010 money list. She also got several high rankings in player of the year races, and received the Wicked Chops Player of the Year title. She finished in the quarterfinals of the NBC Heads Up Championship in the following year, among other glorious wins that gave her more than $1M in earnings.

In the last three years, she has won several tournaments like the High Roller and the Super High Roller and made money now totaling to $10.5. Outside her poker life, Vanessa Selbst has a law degree from Yale Law School and also runs a foundation known as Venture Justice that funds projects that fight against police misconduct, government abuse of authority and for racial justice and economic equality.

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Jennifer Harman is a Lady of Substance

I read somewhere that Jennifer Harman believes that being a woman in a gentleman’s game is a definite advantage for her because there is a tendency to underestimate her. Some have gone as far as trying to make her niche outside the mainstream by claiming that she is the best female player across the globe. This fails to recognize Jennifer Harman’s achievements within the game regardless of her gender and the prejudices that attempt to hold her back. If I was assessing her career, I would be more inclined to look at it from the perspective of someone that is competing well within the male dominated world of poker.

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Top 7 Best Women Poker Players Of All Times

Female poker players have proven they are excellent at the game time and time again. Not only did they show that they can compete with top-class poker players, but they participate in major poker events such as the WSOP constantly. While there are still fewer women playing poker than men, take note that the following female players are actually very good at what they’re doing. Following is a list with the 7 best women poker players who can hold their own against any male professional player.

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The Female Players Are Actually Making A Difference At The Poker Table!

While a couple of decades ago, you could count female poker players on two hands, nowadays women have become equal contenders for the big prizes at reputable poker tournaments. Women have started taking interest in poker several years ago and frankly, their participation will surely increase the social acceptance of the game.
Women like Jennifer Tilly, Cyndy Violette or Barbara Enright are not only winning one important championships after another, but they are also changing the way poker is played at the same time. Perhaps this is why the male poker players have started to take the great ladies in poker more seriously.

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Women in Poker

Poker is unquestionably a male dominated game. Think of all the top casino movies, and you will struggle to come up with a female personality that has been portrayed as the actual poker player other than a mere diversion. This being so, it has become comical to think of a woman as a top poker player to many male poker players. In a movie such as Casino Royale, the main character, James Bond, is shown playing a poker game when the female HM spy Vespa Lynd steps into the game room. Instead of people concentrating in their poker game, their eyes turn on her. This hackneyed depiction of women and poker has made it hard for women to be taken seriously as expert poker participants. In fact, some poker tournament organizers continue to discouraging women from participating.

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