Learn the Rules of Baccarat Playing

Baccarat is a card game that is very popular among the range of card games gamblers and with the diversity of online casino websites available in the internet it has soon reached its online popularity as well. This game is very similar to Blackjack with the difference that in here your goal is to reach as closest as you can to the total cards value of 9 instead of 21 as it is in Blackjack.

One single hand is played and if you want to learn the basic rules of this game just bear with us a little more and you will obtain what you need by reading the following:

  • Before you get started you should get accustomed with the process of the game evolution. You must get familiar with the value of the cards, because in here Ace for instance can have the value of either 1 or 11. The objective of the game is to obtain a total value of two cards that is the closest to 9 and this value to be more than the one the banker has in his hands. The cards value is their face value with the Ace exception explained above. Apart from this, the other high in value cards, such as 10, Jack, Queen and King are considered zero.
  • While you play baccarat you must know that 9 is the highest possible number but if you have a total of higher than 10 you need to subtract 10 out of the total value to reach to the value that is close to 9. For instance, if your cards are 9 and 4 the total becomes 13 and as such you will subtract 10 and obtain the new total of 3. This is the card value according to which your hand is a winner or a loser.
  • No matter if you play baccarat online or offline, the cards need to be dealt, only that for land based casino there is a person doing this, while with the online version the computer will take care of it. The place where from the cards are pulled is known as ‘shoe’.
  • You must place the bet before the cards are dealt and when they are dealt you will given two cards and so will receive each player and the banker. As a player you have the possibility of issuing a wager on the current tie meaning that both hands need to have the same total value.
  • For winning with baccarat game you should have a card total value the closest to or even totaling 9. Since the game doesn’t include a tiebreaker, it is possible to exist only a single winner with every round of the game.

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