Women in Poker

Poker is unquestionably a male dominated game. Think of all the top casino movies, and you will struggle to come up with a female personality that has been portrayed as the actual poker player other than a mere diversion. This being so, it has become comical to think of a woman as a top poker player to many male poker players. In a movie such as Casino Royale, the main character, James Bond, is shown playing a poker game when the female HM spy Vespa Lynd steps into the game room. Instead of people concentrating in their poker game, their eyes turn on her. This hackneyed depiction of women and poker has made it hard for women to be taken seriously as expert poker participants. In fact, some poker tournament organizers continue to discouraging women from participating.

However, due to the increased popularity of online poker games in online casinos, it is becoming more common to come across women featuring among the highest poker ranks. The reason for this is that the net provides the women with some ability to play in disguise without the other participant knowing who they are actually dueling with. With more men taking part in poker games than women, naturally, it would be in order to take it for granted that the other person you are up against another man.

Men assume that women are incapable of partaking part in poker games because of their emotional makes up, and that they are unable to comprehend the games technicalities. Women counter this claim by stating that men are predestined to take higher risks and lose huge amounts of money because of their ego and conviction that they are more knowledgeable on poker’s rules. Interestingly, researchers assert that the majority of men play poker as compared to women, statistically meaning that they are more uncouth and bad male poker players than females.

Although men won’t admit it, the majority of them feel uneasy when confronted by a professional female poker player at the poker table. Some claim that women are hard to read while playing, while others admit that they become more gentlemanly and less ruthless when playing with a female opponent. Some female opponents admit using their sexuality to get them ahead of their male opponents, while others totally discourage this kind of a behavior and focus on fine tuning their poker playing dexterity.

This has more than often put the female poker player at a greater advantage when participating in a poker game with the men assuming that they can never be defeated. However, it is essential for the any lady poker player to keep on practising and get to learn more on the basics of the game. In addition, they are a lot of internet forums and television programs that are wholly dedicated in assisting the female poker player improve their game. Most women have a preference to playing poker tournaments with their same gender; this is usually poker nights with their female friends to avoid being ridiculed by their men counterparts. Moreover, they are some poker clubs that have introduced women’s poker nights that have proved to be quite a hit with a majority of women.

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