Top 7 Best Women Poker Players Of All Times

Female poker players have proven they are excellent at the game time and time again. Not only did they show that they can compete with top-class poker players, but they participate in major poker events such as the WSOP constantly. While there are still fewer women playing poker than men, take note that the following female players are actually very good at what they’re doing. Following is a list with the 7 best women poker players who can hold their own against any male professional player.

1. Jennifer Harman

A regular presence at the highest stakes tables of the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Jennifer Harman counts two poker tournament wins in her portfolio. In fact, Harman was the first woman to win the two World Series of Poker gold brackets. Playing every type of poker out there has earned her years of experience and over $2,5 million in her accounts.

2. Annie Duke

Annie Duke is perhaps the most famous names in the poker tournaments and not just because she’s the sister of the equally popular professional poker player, Howard Lederer. While it is true that her brother has taught her the basics of poker, Annie seemed to have been born playing the game. Even though she was completing a masters in Cognitive Psychology, she dropped out of school and went pro as soon as she began playing and winning. Annie Duke has won four poker tournaments so far, wins that got her over $4 million.

3. Kathy Liebert

A constant powerful presence at the poker table, Kathy Liebert has won two major poker tournaments so far and earned almost $6 million from professional poker. Even though she is considered one of the all time leading female money winners in the history of professional poker, Liebert’s lifelong dream is to win a no-limit tournament.

4. Cyndy Violette

Cyndy Violette has often been described as a contradiction in the poker world, mainly because her first contact with poker was from the other side of the table. While she may come across as a cute, bubbly blonde, the truth is that she can hold her own with the shiftiest and most hardcore of professional poker players. Cyndy Violette won two notable championships so far, while her live tournament winnings exceed $1 million.

5. Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly is not only an amazing actress who knows how to grab the public’s attention, but also an excellent poker player. Since 2005 when she decided to play at professional level, she won numerous notable championships, including the WSOP Ladies Event and Ladies Night Invitational of the World Poker Tour in the same year.

6. Annette Obrestad

While Annette is definitely the youngest female poker player in the list, take note that her winnings are in excess of $3.7 million so far. Considering that she won her first notable tournament when she turned 19, it’s easy to understand why she’s an inspiration to all young people who dream to become professional poker players.

7. Vanessa Selbst

With over $9 million winnings from professional poker, Vanessa Selbst is also an executive producer and private coach at DeucesCracked. Although she won several notable tournaments so far, she decided to take some time away from poker to complete a law degree at Yale Law School. A truly powerful presence at the table you really don’t want to go up against, wouldn’t you say?

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