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In the world of online casinos, and specifically in the world of online slots, in order to win yourself the big progressive jackpots, you’ll be required to bet the maximum amount on all the paylines at once. And, quite importantly, this shouldn’t be confused with the ‘Bet One’ button that many online slots feature. No, this button just acts as a way of getting a single wager over on a single spin. The progressive jackpot, however, doesn’t require multiple bets at all, but it definitely does require the maximum wager amount to be bet on each payline for a single spin. Alternatively you might want to check for another variant.

This is also true for bonus multipliers, which are options on straight slots that pay bonuses when particular reel combos are hit. These bonuses are usually generous, and if offered, should be played for every time. The maximum wager on all paylines must be bet for the multiplier to be activated. The online slot world can often be complicated if players don’t give themselves a chance to familiarise themselves with the slots they are playing, and although you’ll be ready to get going and play for the megabucks once registered, it can be highly beneficial to play with no money involved to start with, and get a feel of the atmosphere and the type of slot you’re playing. ‘Free play mode’ is offered in most online casinos, and it allows new users to ‘road test’ the games on offer, and perhaps choose the right one for them. You can essentially relax, learn the ins and outs of the slots and then move on to the cash games once you’re ready. Just remember to change back from ‘Practice mode’ when you want to deposit funds into your casino account.

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