Is Playing Poker With A Partner Cheating?

Once learnt all the rules and after reading so many strategy articles it’s finally time to play. But especially at the beginning you can feel lonely at the table and may want to play with a partner. If this is the case, better you first verify whether this action is against the rules of the land or online casino. The casinos that commend this behavior will usually keep a close eye on your two to make sure you’re not cheating. Therefore, as long as you don’t engage in any form of illicit practices, what you do with your money and cards is entirely up to you.

In fact, having a financial partner during the game is in accordance with the rules and more frequent than you thought. In addition, since in the end this game is also played for fun, having a friend at the table could surely make things more entertaining. However, it is best to avoid doing any of the following actions:

1. Sharing information

Even though you are allowed to play against your friends at the table, you are forbidden to share any sort of information regarding the hand in play. To be more precise, it’s against the rules to show, talk, hint and even joke about the cards you are holding in your hand. In addition, chip placing, using non-verbal signals or code talking could get you both kicked out of a casino for cheating.

2. Collusion

In order for this type of cheating to actually work, at least one of the team members must have high cards, preferably aces. The collusion implies forcing the unknowing player to call your raises and then to fold because your partner re-raised you. The only logical situation when the other player at the table would call in your raises consistently is when he has at least a pair of aces or kings.

3. Hand muckering

Also known as the action of throwing a card into the much, hand muckering implies that a player tosses his folded hand into the pile of burned cards. One of the roles of this practice is to ensure other players at the table cannot determine the cards in the folded hand. Alternatively, the technique is used to try to get useful cards in the hand of another player (the partner). This is why in all land-based casinos you will see players putting an item, usually a chip, over their live hand.

4. Double dealing

Unless your partner is the dealer at your table, the double dealing method cannot be used in a casino. However, it can easily occur during friendly games outside the casinos. Depending on the skills of your dealer friend, if he gets spotted then he could simply state he made a mistake. Double dealing refers to the situation when a player is dealt two or more cards instead of one to give him an edge.

5. Angle shooting

Sometimes while a player’s actions seem within the scope of the rules, the others at the table get the impression that his behavior is unfair and unethical. This is dubbed angle shooting and it is a very common sight in online poker. Abusing the disconnect protection feature, some players pull the plug on their router in the middle of the game so that his hand is played all-in without him having to invest any money. Here the role of the partner is to calm the other players down.

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